Google Finally Launches Nearby Share Beta for Windows Devices


As far as file-sharing is concerned, Android’s “Nearby Share” feature has certainly been a game-changer, eliminating the need for slow Bluetooth file transfers or dodgy third-party sharing apps. It also helps that it’s built into nearly all newer Android devices today, at no additional cost as well. One limitation however is that the feature is limited to Android devices only.

With that said, things are about to change soon as Google recently announced that Nearby Share for PCs is now available, allowing users to instantly transfer files between their Android phone and Windows computers. Although the feature is currently in its Beta phase, Google does allow users to download the app for their computers and use it right away. Additionally, the Beta works whether the app is open on the desktop or running in the background.

Users can send a file from their PC to a nearby Android device by dragging and dropping the file directly into the app, or by selecting “Send with Nearby Share” in the right-click menu. They can then select which Android devices to share the file to using the menu. If both devices are logged into the same Google account, file transfers will be automatically accepted.

To share from Android phones to a computer, users will have to turn on Nearby Share on their PC. They can then tap “share” on the item they want to send, and then select the computer to share it to.

The Nearby Share Beta will require a computer with a 64-bit version of Windows 10 and up, as well as an Android phone with Android 6.0 and up. It’s currently available in the USA and select regions, with the exception of certain countries at the moment.

Source: Google

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