Camo 2 turns your smartphone into the ultimate webcam


Reincubate’s Camo app has certainly been a great tool to have for productivity, and the company has finally announced a follow-up in the form of the Camo 2.0. Camo will finally be able to support more a wider variety of hardware including webcams, built-in cameras, Continuity Camera, mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and even action cams. This allows for better video customization and quality for a wide variety of applications, including content creation and video streaming.

Users will also be able to access Camo Studio’s new features, which include 4K video support for webcams, dedicated cameras, and hardware acceleration for Apple Silicon, AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. Camo 2 includes background effects like Portrait mode bokeh, virtual green screen, lighting correction, and diffuse blur, as well as cinematic filters (LUTs) and smooth face tracking. About this new launch, Aidan Fitzpatrick, CEO of Reincubate states:

“Today Camo makes the leap from being a tool to make the most of your phone’s camera, to one that gives whatever camera you have a set of amazing new, next-gen features and capabilities. If you’re not happy with the video you’re getting out of your device, Camo will improve it. If you can connect it to your PC or Mac, Camo will support it. And if you want to capture and perfect 4K video from your webcam or DSLR, Camo will handle it. Camo 2 is here to deliver on our commitment to empower more and more people to stand out with amazing video.”

Camo has its origins on Mac, allowing users to use their iPhone’s camera hardware with their computers. It has since been available for Android and Windows devices as well. Camo Studio 2 also includes face tracking with Auto framing, a preset pack of 18 filters curated by an with import support for Cube, 3DL and LUT formats, and a redesigned Windows user interface, with new Overlay editor functionality.

Reincubate says that the new features will be available today in Camo 2 for macOS and Windows. Camo is available at, and the companion phone app can be found on the App Store and the Play Store.

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