Samsung “A” Models among Best-Selling Smartphones in 2022; iPhones Still Lead Count


Consumer product wars are nothing new – we’ve seen endless debates about Windows versus Mac, Nintendo versus Sony, and iPhone versus Android, to name a few. With regards to that last example though, recent research shows a rather interesting trend in the context of global smartphone sales, with a considerable gap between the competition.

To be more specific, data from Counterpoint Research reveals that the top ten selling smartphones worldwide were comprised of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Apple iPhones, with the latter coming out on top. Despite being a somewhat older smartphone model, the iPhone 13 still managed to take the number one spot, amounting to 5.0% of the chart. The newer iPhone 14 Pro came in eighth place, despite being a newer handset.

As for Android market performance, Samsung took fourth and tenth place with the Samsung Galaxy A13 and galaxy A03 respectively, which count among the company’s most budget-friendly smartphone offerings. While Samsung does retain its place as the top Android brand, a majority of its sales come from its midrange and budget smartphones.

Counterpoint predicts that the share of the top 10 smartphones will increase in 2023, as brands aim towards clearing inventory and optimizing their launches. The firm adds that brands will continue making their portfolios leaner in 2023 to minimize cannibalization.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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