Chameleon Colour Technology astonishes at MWC 2023


When we traditionally think and talk about smartphones we are nearly always talking about the tech up front and what our screens show. While there has been some interesting takes on what should be on the back of some smart phones none have really stuck the landing.

One of my favourite adaptations what of the Yotaphone all the way back in 2016, where they were paring a full colour screen on one side with an e-ink display on the back. Since then you can get various options to utilise the back of your phone like the ROG phone having a small screen on the back. Or applying cases or other accessories that can give you different experiences. But nothing as dynamic as colour changing on the fly. 

There has only been one product by Tecno Camon 19 Pro, which sorta has to be seen to be believed. Depending on its exposure to UV the panels on the back change colour from a pretty boring white to an array of pastel hues. Mr Mobile aka Michael Fisher, has a brilliant hands on with both the Techno Canon and the ROG phone to show off the backs.

Tecno showed off more of this technology at MWC this year with its chameleon colour technology. Different from the panels from the Camon, this uses a special sort of prism technology that allows light to be scattered off it creating the colour you desire. With these electronically controlled micro prisms means that you can select over 1600 different colours that can change within 0.03 seconds.

This gives you endless opportunities to customise your backplate however you wish, all the while sipping on your battery. Tecno says that at the minute it only takes the same level of charge as a 5 minute streamed video, which is impressive if that’s what the real world application is like. 

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