Bixby is About to Get Some Much-Welcome Upgrades


Smart assistants for mobile phones have seen considerable advancements in recent years, and with the growing popularity of AI software for different fields, this is only bound to grow in the coming months. As such, Samsung has announced that it will be updating Bixby, its smart voice assistant for its Galaxy smartphones, which will bring some improvements to the app.

This includes updates to Bixby Text Call, which now supports English. English speakers will be able answer calls from anywhere by typing a message, which Bixby converts to audio and communicates to the caller directly on their behalf. This will also work in tandem with Bixby Custom Voice Creator, which will let users record different sentences for Bixby to analyze, and create an AI generated copy of their voice and tone. One caveat though is that this feature is only available in Korean at the moment.

Bixby will also support changes to the Custom wake-up phrase within Bixby settings, adding new options to create personalized wake-up phrases. Samsung adds that it’s Bixby’s on-device AI support, allowing users to run key commands entirely offline, such as setting a timer, taking a screenshot or turning on the flashlight.

According to the company, these new features will be brought over via an update this February.

Source: Samsung

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