Google Photos is Reportedly Broken on Latest iOS Version


If you use an iPhone and still use Google’s apps and software services on your handset, you might want to hold off on updating to the latest iOS version – reports are coming in that Apple’s latest OS update is breaking the Google Photos app from working on iPhones.

More specifically, it looks like iOS 16.3.1 is affecting Google Photos on iPhones, with the app instantly crashing after attempting to boot and run. So far no fix has been found for either the app itself or 16.3.1. With that said, this latest software patch a minor update however, which was mainly pushed to fix issues including:

  • iCloud settings may be unresponsive or incorrectly display if apps are using iCloud
  • Siri requests for Find My may not work
  • Crash Detection optimizations on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models

At the moment, there’s no advisory from either Apple or Google regarding this issue, so users experiencing this problem in particular might have to wait a bit until a fix is released. If you haven’t updated yet however, it’s recommended that you hold off from downloading iOS 16.3.1 for the time being, especially if you use Google Photos a lot.

Source: XDA Developers

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