The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s S Pen can be inserted either way


One of the issues that some Samsung Galaxy Note owners had early on was that when they inserted the S Pen the wrong way round, it would sometimes get stuck and there would be no way of removing the stylus short of opening up the phone.

The good news is that Samsung has finally done something about it with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It appears that with Samsung’s latest flagship, Samsung has made some small changes to the S Pen slot where users can now insert the stylus at either end and it will not damage the accessory.

Samsung first made this mistake with the Note 5 all those years ago where they utilized a small hook inside the stylus slot. This was done to prevent the stylus from falling out, but it also meant that if users were to insert it the wrong way, the hook would catch the top end of the stylus and prevent it from being removed.

Samsung has since rectified that issue moving forwards, so it’s good to see that this design has not changed in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is currently available for pre-order so if you are looking for a flagship phone, it might be worth your consideration.

Source: SamMobile

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