Feb 8th, 2023

While there have been reports of handset makers potentially exploring the idea of creating phones without any physical buttons, for the most part, the majority of handsets these days still rely on physical buttons for the power switch and the volume rockers.

Unfortunately for Pixel 7 Pro owners, it appears that the volume buttons on the phone are a bit more fragile than others. According to several user reports shared on Reddit and as experienced by Nicholas Sutrich over at Android Central, it seems that the volume rockers on the Pixel 7 Pro have been falling off.

What’s interesting is that according to the Android Central report, Google has apparently reinforced their volume rocker compared to other phones made by companies such as Samsung, which means that in theory, they should be more durable so it is unclear why they are falling off for some users.

Now, it isn’t a widespread issue so it is possible that these are simply manufacturer defects, or in the case of some users, they might have damaged it without realizing. The bad news is that so far users who have tried to RMA their phones have been told by Google that they can’t as apparently it is due to their “mishandling” of it.

Source: Android Central

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