Rumors of an “Ultra” iPhone could be bad news for Android users


The price of smartphones have been going up over the years, especially with companies like Apple and Samsung introducing even higher-end models that push the prices of phones way past the $1,000 mark, but it seems that things could get even more expensive.

According to a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it seems that Apple could be considering introducing a new iPhone model to its future lineup, a potential “Ultra” model that would be priced above the iPhone Pro Max series which is the company’s most expensive model to date.

While it might be easy to think that this is an issue for iPhone customers, it could be bad news for Android users as well. This is because it’s not a stretch to think that some Android handset makers could follow in Apple’s footsteps because the entire tech industry is all about “borrowing” ideas from each other. We’ve seen this happen with various smartphone features like fingerprint scanners, double and triple camera setups, facial recognition, the removal of the headphone jack, and more.

If a newer, higher-end model could potentially mean more profits, why wouldn’t companies jump at it? Of course, this could also be a perfect opportunity for Android handset makers to introduce phones that are cheaper, but somehow that doesn’t really seem very likely.

Source: Bloomberg

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