Samsung Galaxy S23 pre-order bonuses look really tempting


When choosing a smartphone, you usually have to choose how much storage you want. Unfortunately, the price difference between the storage tiers can be quite expensive, which is why sometimes customers opt for the base model to save themselves some money.

The good news is that with the Samsung Galaxy S23, you might not have to. This is because according to a tweet by Roland Quandt, it seems that Samsung could be offering free storage upgrades for customers who are willing to pre-order the phone.

This is based on information found on Samsung UK’s Business website where it mentions that as a pre-order bonus, customers will be given a free storage upgrade. The way Samsung frames it is that if you buy the larger storage variant, you’ll only have to pay the price of the lower variant.

For example, if you buy the 512GB model, you’ll only have to pay the price of the 256GB model, and so on. This is good news for customers who were already planning to get the 256GB model to save money because basically you’ll be getting more storage while paying less.

Samsung hasn’t officially announced anything yet but seeing as this was posted on its own website, this information should be accurate. We’re not sure if this is only applicable for its UK customers so we’ll have to wait and see come 1st of February where the handset will be officially announced.

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