9 Benefits of Playing Games on Your Mobile Device


We often hear how playing games on our mobile devices can be bad for our backs, necks, and eyes. However, there are also many benefits to playing games on our Android smartphones. Here are just some of the pros of gaming on mobile phones.

It can improve your mood

For one, gaming on any platform really can help boost your mood. No matter if you like farming games or shooters, it’s easy to feel uplifted when you get an achievement. You immerse yourself in a new world, which helps with melting your worries away. Mobile gaming is known to help with conditions like depression and anxiety. Of course, you should seek medical help if you’re experiencing serious symptoms, but this can be a quick fix in certain situations.

Mobile gaming can bring people together

Many people’s mood is boosted by spending time with friends. Mobile devices make it easy to socialize while gaming, seeing as how there are games that people can play together. Individuals that live in Canada can easily play a game of Scrabble with a friend that lives in Australia. Moreover, it’s also possible to make friends this way, as many gaming events are organized, which people with Android phones can access.

It boosts brain power

Mobile games come in all sorts of genres. That means that they include titles that can keep your brain engaged and boost its power. What is more, some games help with spatial awareness and improve memory. For example, playing chess online against other players or the computer is a great way to stay sharp. It’s important to note that these games are not only for young people as older individuals can benefit from these characteristics as well. Just a few minutes each day can improve eyesight, reflexes, and memory.

They help with problem-solving

Playing video games is also known to help with problem-solving. All kinds of games are available nowadays and they require different kinds of skills, from playing poker to developing an intricate plan for your favorite strategy game. By solving these issues in games, you will be better prepared to tackle everyday problems in your life as you are slowly but surely training your brain. Kids can benefit from this a lot, as their brains are still developing and solving school-related conundrums.

It enhances concentration

Studies have also found that video games have the power of improving a person’s concentration. As we focus on the tasks in the game, we devote all our attention to them. This translates to other assignments and obligations as well, as we learn to finish one task before moving on to another.

It’s available on the go

Mobile gaming can also be very beneficial when on the go. Having access to various titles regardless of location is much more accessible than carrying around a gaming console, laptop, or desktop computer. Everything from shooters and strategy to casino games is now made for mobile so interested players can take a look at this list of the best new online casino providers if they’re looking to play some blackjack or slots, for example. Many countries like Canada and the US have legalized gambling so playing casino games online is not an issue. No matter if you’re traveling, commuting to work, on your lunch break, or in line at the bank, you can easily distract yourself for a little while with your favorite game.

You can work on your dexterity

Computer games can be useful for improving dexterity as they typically require one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard. However, the same can be said of mobile gaming. There are many Android games that require you to use both hands in order to finish a level, which can significantly affect one’s dexterity. Moreover, it’s also possible to attach a mobile phone to a controller, which also helps with one’s dexterity. There are now even modified controllers available for people that have a limited range of motion.

They’re good for people with autism

Research suggests that people and especially kids with autism tend to engage more when celebrating a victory in a game. As mobile games are easy to play on the go, it’s a portable way to keep autistic people engaged and get their confidence up.

Games teach you things

Finally, we cannot overlook the fact that many games can be very educational. With so many kinds of games available, there is so much to learn. For example, there are color-sorting games that improve your sight. Then, there are trivia types of games, where you can learn about everything from history and geography to pop culture. Many realistic simulations can also teach you how to do various tasks.

As you can see, there are various benefits to playing video games on a mobile device. What mobile game are you currently playing?

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