WhatsApp will soon make it less annoying to shoot videos within the app


WhatsApp, like most messenger apps, allows users to shoot photos and videos within the app itself instead of having to close the app and use another app. The only issue is that for videos, users have to press and hold the shutter button to begin recording, which is not particularly ergonomic or obvious.

Thankfully, WhatsApp appears to be finally addressing the issue because according to reports, it looks like WhatsApp is testing out an update to the camera app where there will now be a dedicated photo and video tab, so tapping on either will allow users to switch between shooting photos or shooting videos.

While this might not be a huge deal for some, especially for users who prefer using their phone’s camera app or a third-party app to shoot photos and videos, it is still a welcome quality of life improvement that should make the in-app experience a little less annoying to use.

That being said, the feature is in testing and can only be found in the beta version of WhatsApp, so for those who are not taking part in the beta, it might be a while before WhatsApp pushes out the feature to everyone else.

Source: 91mobiles

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