VinFast unveils its new VF 6 and VF 7 electric vehicles

VinFast VF 6

It’s probably safe to say that in the future, electric vehicles will become the new standard of transportation, replacing gas powered cars. While Tesla is probably the brand that comes to mind when it comes to EVs, there are plenty of other EV makers around the world that are starting to come up, such as VinFast, a Vietnamese based EV maker.

At CES this year, the company has taken the wraps off two of its brand new models, the VF 6 and VF 7. Both models will be offered in an Eco and a Plus variant, where the main differences would be in how much horsepower they can output and what their maximum range is.

Starting with the VF 6 Eco, this has a longer range than the Plus model at 248 miles versus 237 miles, but it does lose a bit of horsepower in the process, where it comes in at 174 horsepower versus the 201 horsepower in the VF 6 Plus.

As for the VF 7, it’s more or less the same situation where the Eco model offers a maximum range of 280 miles and 201 horsepower, while the Plus model offers 268 miles range and a much higher horsepower at 348. Other additional features include a level 2 highway assist that will be available for both the VF 6 and 7 models.

Source: VinFast

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