Thinking of Grabbing the Razer Edge? Here’s How Much it’ll Cost


Razer’s 5G-powered Edge gaming handheld has certainly caught the eyes of many gamers and enthusiasts, offering a unique take on portable cloud gaming. Announced a few months back, the device is available through Verizon, and the company has finally given us its pricing for the new handheld.

For a limited time, users can get their hands on the Razer Edge 5G for just $359.99, around $10 a month for 36 months with Verizon Device Payment, and 0% APR; $599.99 retail with the addition a new tablet line. Users can also opt to buy a new 5G smartphone with the Razer Edge 5G and grab the system for just $179.99, around $5 a month for 36 months with Verizon Device Payment purchase.

In terms of specs, the device features a 6.8-inch AMOLED touch displaywith a FHD+ resolution, and 144hZ refresh rate. The Razer Edge is also powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 platform, a chip specifically designed for mobile gaming, alongside a 3 GHz Kryo CPU and 8GB of RAM. The hardware itself features a tablet with removable controllers, similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Other specs include a front-facing 5MP camera, two-way speakers and a microphone, support for 5G connectivity, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6E, USB-C and 3.5mm audio (via the controller). The entire set-up is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery. In terms of software, the device runs on Android, so users will have access to Android titles, as well as cloud gaming and streaming apps.

Source: Verizon

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