Bang & Olufsen unveils a bunch of a Lunar New Year limited edition speakers


The New Year is nearly upon us and for 2023, the Lunar New Year also takes place in January. More often than not, we see many companies launch Lunar New Year themed products, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Bang & Olufsen have also decided to take part.

The company has announced a bunch of Lunar New Year themed audio products that are also limited edition in nature, so if you’re a fan of the company’s products and want something that looks different, then these speakers might be worth checking out.

According to Bang & Olufsen, the design of these products were inspired by the elements of the Silk Road in China. It will cover the Beoplay A9 home speaker, the Beolit ​​20 portable speaker, the Beosound A1 portable speaker, the Beoplay H95 headphones, and the Beoplay EX true wireless active noise canceling earphones.

Specs wise they will remain the same as their normal counterparts, except that they have been given a new design. The design will include a new  color palette of Lunar Red, Jade Geren, and Gold Tone. If you’re keen and have the money to spare, Bang & Olufsen will be making these products available from the 27th of December from its website.

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