Apple TV Might be Available for Android Phones Soon


Streaming services and hardware are all the rage right now – as such, companies like Apple, Amazon and Google are working to bring their platforms to as much devices as possible, and the Apple TV in particular might make its way to Android phones, according to some new reports online.

A Tweet from online tech tipster ShrimpApplePro claims that the Apple TV app is coming to Android (albeit at an unspecified date), and is currently under internal beta testing. Additionally, the Apple Music app for Android is also scheduled to get an update. Of course, nothing is official until Apple (or Google) say so, but this should be an interesting development if it pushes through.

Currently, the Apple TV app is available for Google’s Android TV platform, as well as Android devices via a web browser, so its presence on Google-powered services isn’t exactly new at this point (albeit with some limitations on functionality). With that said, fans will have to wait a bit more until we get a formal announcement from either Apple or Google regarding Apple TV’s arrival on “rival” platforms.

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