Google Slides lets users track changes as they are made


Google’s productivity software focuses a lot on collaborative features, where multiple users can edit a document, spreadsheet, or presentation slide at the same time. But what if the file they were working on is huge and you can’t find the changes that are being made?

In a blog post by Google, the company has announced a new collaboration feature for Google Slides in the form of “Follow”. Basically what this feature does is that it allows users to quickly and easily jump to whatever slide that their classmate or colleague are working on at the moment.

This means that instead of having to scroll through the entire set of slides to look for the changes that were made, you can just click on the person’s avatar and it will take you to whatever that person is working on currently, and it will also allow you to move with them as they make their way through the slide.

While it is a collaborative feature for sure, we imagine that it can also be used as a way for users to take their colleagues through the slide to show them the changes that they have made, or to explain the presentation and what each slide is supposed to convey. The feature will be enabled by default so all you need to do is click on the person’s avatar and you’re good to go.

Source: Google

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