Waze is coming to cars with Android Automotive


Back in the day, there were cars that would come with its own navigation software. The problem with this software is that it did not provide users with real-time traffic information, and changes made to the roads would need to be updated manually, which was troublesome and not efficient.

This is why apps like Waze and Google Maps thrived as they could provide all those features for free, even in cars that did not have built-in displays. That being said, it looks like Google is taking Waze’s integration into vehicles even further. The company has announced that they will be launching a new dedicated Waze app designed for cars that use Google’s Android Automotive platform.

According to Google:

“The new dedicated Waze app for cars brings the best of Waze real-time navigation, routing and alerts featured right in the car’s display. When you drive, you can experience safer and more convenient journeys while eliminating the hassle of using a smartphone. You no longer require a USB cable to connect or a phone dock to keep your device in place.”

It will be initially available for owners of cars such as Renault Austral Hybrid and Renault Megane E-Tech electric vehicles in Europe, but the company is expecting to expand its availability to more vehicles and markets around the world come 2023.

Source: Google

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