Don’t hold your breath for the Nothing Phone (2) just yet


The Nothing Phone (1) was launched earlier this year. Based on the trends of phone manufacturers, this means that by right we should be able to expect to see the launch of the Nothing Phone (2) next year, right? Maybe, maybe not.

In a tweet by Nothing CEO Carl Pei, he revealed that we probably won’t be seeing the Nothing Phone (2) anytime soon. According to Pei, this is because the company wants to focus on doing “a few things well”, which means that they won’t be churning out phones annually like other more established brands.

To be fair to Nothing, the company is still relatively new and they probably don’t have the same resources as others like Samsung, Xiaomi, and so on, all of whom put out several phones in different categories and price points every year. Plus, as Pei had mentioned previously, the company pretty much does not take a profit for the Nothing Phone (1).

Pei goes on to state in his post that they are working on developing new software features for the original Nothing Phone, so that will be something to look forward to. The company is also working on potentially bringing a phone to the US market, so for those in the US, you might be able to get your hands on a Nothing Phone in the near future.

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