Millions of Twitter user data have been leaked online


Some of you might recall that earlier this year, Twitter confirmed that due to an API vulnerability, about 5.4 million user data was stolen, but the company at that time claimed that they had no evidence to suggest that they were being exploited.

It turns out that they might have been wrong because according to a new report from BleepingComputer, it appears that the data is being shared for free on a hacker forum. This data includes things like Twitter ID, names, login names, user location, and verified status, which for the most part is mostly public information, but it also contains more private information like phone numbers and email addresses.

Twitter did state that the vulnerability was patched at the start of the year after it was initially discovered back in 2021, but it seems that it might have been too late since this user data has been posted online. Thankfully, more sensitive information like payment cards or passwords weren’t included, but either way, you should still keep an eye on things just to be safe.

So if you start receiving text messages or emails that ask for sensitive information, it’s probably best to ignore it and avoid clicking on any links that might be included with these messages.

Source: BleepingComputer

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