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Nest WiFi Pro update addresses low speed issues


Back in October, Google announced its new Nest WiFi Pro mesh router. Oddly enough given the “Pro” in its name, users were reporting that they were experiencing low speeds and that the router was for some reason throttling their connection.

The good news is that if you were affected by this issue, or if this issue has been holding you back on buying the router, then you might be pleased to learn that Google has since pushed out a new firmware update for the router that will address the low speed connections that users with PPPoE settings were experiencing. According to Google:

“The Google Home app’s built-in internet speed test results might be lower than expected for internet connection speeds faster than 500 Mbps. This will be fixed in an upcoming software release. The speed test issue doesn’t impact actual system performance. If you have an internet connection with speeds faster than 500 Mbps, use an alternate speed test app from your phone or computer.”

The update should already be live so if you are affected by this bug, then you’ll want to update the router ASAP. In addition to the bug fix, the firmware update will also add Thread Border Router support as well as general security, stability, and performance improvements, so it is worth updating even if you weren’t affected by it.

Source: 9to5Google

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