Xiaomi concept phone lets you attach a freaking Leica camera lens to it


It’s a shame that we don’t see Sony phones as much these days as we did back in the earlier days of the smartphone. To Sony’s credit, they have tried to push the boundaries on what smartphone cameras could do, and they even came up with devices like the DSC-QX100 which was quite literally an external camera you could mount on your phone.

That being said, it seems like Xiaomi could be interested in reviving the trend. The company has shared a new concept video of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra where they imagine the handset being capable of mounting a Leica lens on top of the phone itself.

This involves building a lens mount onto the camera module of the phone, thus allowing users to take a Leica lens and twist and click it into place like they would with an interchangeable lens camera.

Leica is viewed by many as being one of the top camera and lens brands out there, with many famous photographers swearing by the company’s image quality. Unfortunately, seeing as this is a concept, we’re not sure if Xiaomi is actually working on such a device or if they’re merely showing off an awesome idea.

We have to say that it is quite clever as the lenses used by traditional cameras are more complex and with the larger glass, can take better images than the tiny camera modules on the back of our phones. Plus, it would allow photographers to make use of their arsenal of lenses instead of buying new ones, but what do you think of it?

Source: XDA Developers

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