YouTube Primetime Channels brings streaming services into the YouTube app


There are so many streaming services out there and each with their own app and platform that sometimes it can feel rather overwhelming and confusing. Hoping to make the process more streamlined and easier, YouTube has announced Primetime Channels that will bring together several services into the YouTube app.

There will be over 30 different services for users to choose from and they will be able to enjoy all of its content as long as they have a subscription. Note that YouTube isn’t giving users free access to these services, but rather providing a more unified home from which users can access them from.

“Primetime Channels adds even more content that you just can’t miss to our collection of thousands of movies and shows available for rent or purchase, or for free with ads. Choosing between sci-fi or horror? Well, we got both options covered with the Paramount+ Original Star Trek: Picard and Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire on AMC+. Are you itching to see Spider-Man: No Way Home for the hundredth time? We have that too through STARZ. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to catch up on a great drama. From 1883 on Paramount+ to The Chi on SHOWTIME®, you can enjoy it all right on YouTube.”

As YouTube notes, the platform already plays host to trailers for movies and TV shows that launch on a variety of streaming platforms, so instead of users hopping from app to app, it makes sense for them to just watch it all in one place.

That being said, as expected some of the big names aren’t part of Primetime Channels, such as Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max, but who knows, maybe in the future they might be.

Source: YouTube

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