Nov 1st, 2022

Prior to the US government placing sanctions on Huawei, the Chinese company was absolutely killing it in the smartphone market, with many believing that Huawei could very well dethrone the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Despite the sanctions, it appears that Huawei’s phones are proving themselves to be some of the best that those of us in the US cannot buy. Take for example the company’s latest flagship, the Huawei P50 Pro, which DxOMark had recently crowned as being the world’s best smartphone camera.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro Camera Score Summary | DXOMARK

Prior to this, Google’s newly-released Pixel 7 Pro was in that spot, but it seems that based on DxO’s rankings and scoring system, the Huawei P50 Pro has managed to steal that position. It has also been ranked first in the “Ultra-Premium” category which are phones that are priced $800 and above.

We haven’t managed to try the P50 Pro and see for ourselves how well its camera performs, but based on the various reviews we’ve seen online, it looks pretty impressive. We’re not sure if the sanctions against Huawei are expected to end anytime soon (it doesn’t seem like it will), so for now, it looks like we’ll just have to admire Huawei’s phones from afar.

Source: DxOMark

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