Samsung could launch a new SmartThings wireless charger alongside the Galaxy S23


Samsung is no stranger when it comes to wireless chargers. While the company isn’t exactly known for their wireless chargers, they do make some of the best wireless chargers in the market that are straightforward, nicely designed, and reliable, but come 2023, Samsung could be taking things to the next level.

According to recent Bluetooth certification, it appears that Samsung is working on a new wireless charger that might launch alongside the Galaxy S23 in 2023. But why should we get excited about this? This is because this charger has been given the name “SmartThings Station”.

For those unfamiliar, SmartThings is the branding that Samsung uses to refer to its smart home devices. By giving this wireless charger the SmartThings branding, it would suggest that maybe this could be more than just a normal wireless charger, and that it might come with certain smart features integrated into it.

If this is true, Samsung wouldn’t be the first to try and revolutionize the  wireless charger. Apple attempted to do so with the AirPower charging mat a few years ago unsuccessfully as the project was eventually cancelled without ever hitting the market, so it will be interesting to see what Samsung could potentially bring to the table.

Source: GizChina

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