Android 13 Go is here, but not all devices might be able to update to it


Usually when it comes to Android updates, there are certain hardware requirements which is why some devices are left out of the list when it’s update time. To solve this problem, Google created Android Go which was designed and aimed at lower-end devices, but it looks like some devices will still end up being left out.

Google has recently announced Android 13 Go edition, which for the most part will bring some of Android 13’s features to lower-end handsets like the brand new Material You design. According to Google:

“In addition to the new features that are tailored to the needs of Go users, this update also brings some of key Android 13 features like Notification Permissions, App Language Preferences and more. Our goal with this release is to support more possibilities for the millions of current and future owners of an Android Go device. Look out for new devices launching with Android 13 (Go edition) in 2023.”

Now, before you get too excited, Mishaal Rahman has noted that one of the updated hardware requirements for Android 13 Go is that it will require handsets to have at least 2GB of RAM. This is a change from before where Android Go was designed for phones with less than 2GB of RAM, so with this change, there is a chance that some devices could end up being left behind.

Source: Google

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