Netflix is making it easier for users who share passwords to move to their own account


Password sharing on Netflix is pretty common, especially if the main user has subscribed to one of the higher Netflix tiers that allows for multiple simultaneous viewings. But as Netflix is seeing a drop in paid subscribers, the company is now looking to cut back on password sharing which was something that they had previously turned a blind eye to.

Now, some users who are on the receiving end of password sharing might be reluctant to give it up because of the recommendations and watchlists that they might have built up in their profile over the years, so to make that transition easier for users, Netflix has launched a new feature called Profile Transfer.

As the name pretty much already implies, what this does is that it will let users migrate their existing profile to a brand new account. In turn, this will preserve all their watch lists, watch history, recommendations, and more, while giving them more control over their account, which might be useful for users looking to create their own account.

Netflix says that this feature was created to accommodate various life events, like users who might be moving out of their family home, couples who might have broken up, and so on. The feature is expected to roll out to all users worldwide and users should receive an email when the Profile Transfer feature becomes available for their account.

Source: Variety

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