DXOMARK: The Google Pixel 7 Pro has the best smartphone camera


When it comes to smartphone cameras, Google might not always boast the latest or greatest hardware on that front, but the company’s software more than makes up for it. Remember when Google released the Pixel 3 with a single camera when other manufacturers were pushing out dual camera setups?

Thanks to Google’s image processing software, you would never have known that the phone only relied on a single camera for image capture. So much so that it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that with Google’s recently released Pixel 7 Pro, DXOMARK has ranked the handset as having the best cameras on a smartphone.

According to DXOMARK’s review, they have given the phone a score of 147, putting it on par with the Honor Magic4 Ultimate while also beating out the likes of Apple’s more expensive iPhone 14 Pro.

Some of the pros that the publication listed include how the camera experience is consistent across the board, and how good it is at taking photos especially of people with good skin-tone rendering and preserving natural contrasts. It is also great at preserving details at zoom distances, excellent autofocus capabilities and face tracking, and also good video stabilization.

Of course, it isn’t perfect as DXOMARK noted in their review that noise is visible in low-light conditions, and that it can underexpose videos when taking in low-light, but for the most part the pros do outweigh the cons considerably. So, if you’re looking for the perfect Google experience and want a phone that takes excellent photos, then the Google Pixel 7 Pro might be worth your consideration.


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