Google Chrome is the most vulnerable browser of 2022


If you’re using Google Chrome as your primary browser, then you might want to think about taking extra safety and security precautions when you’re using it. This is because according to a report from Atlas VPN, it seems that Chrome has been found to be the most vulnerable browser of 2022.

What does this mean? This basically means that based on the numbers from the VulDB vulnerability database, Chrome has had 303 vulnerabilities discovered in 2022 so far, bringing the total to 3,159, making Chrome the most vulnerable browser of all time as well.

Coming in second place is Mozilla’s Firefox with 117 vulnerabilities discovered in 2022, followed by Microsoft Edge with 103, and then Safari with 26. Interestingly enough, Opera has 0 vulnerabilities reported in 2022. Now, to be fair to Chrome and Google, given how much it is used, it’s not surprising that more people would be paying attention to it and trying to find vulnerabilities since it would target the most users.

Also, to Google’s credit, they have been pretty good with keeping Chrome updated and protected so while vulnerabilities do pop up from time to time, they do get patched pretty quickly. In the meantime, to keep yourself safe, avoid clicking on shady links and downloading files from suspicious-looking websites, and also be careful when installing extensions, especially if it’s coming from an unknown source.

Source: Atlas VPN

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