Samsung Galaxy S23 might not be seeing an upgrade in charging speeds


These days, many handset makers are including support for fast charging with their phones. We’re talking about speeds ranging from 50W and going over 100W, which is pretty insane. Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung won’t be hopping on that bandwagon anytime soon.

This is according to a recently-discovered regulatory filing in which the handset was apparently tested with a 25W charger. This has led to speculation that the phone may end up supporting 25W at most. In a way, it shouldn’t be surprising seeing as these are the same charging speeds Samsung has used for the past few generations of its flagship phones.

It’s a bit odd that Samsung hasn’t hopped on the fast charging bandwagon yet, especially since it seems to be a feature that many other handset makers have included and one that many of its customers have been asking for. Perhaps Samsung doesn’t feel too comfortable with the technology, or there might be another reason why, either way this news doesn’t bode well for would-be customers.

That being said, you should probably take this with a grain of salt for now. The Galaxy S23 won’t be launching until the early part of 2023, so we are still a few months away from the official details. Who knows, maybe Samsung will surprise us all, but maybe until they do, try to temper your expectations.

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