Sep 23rd, 2022

Motion detection is a feature you might commonly find in a home security camera, but when it comes to smart speakers and smart displays, it’s not really something that’s included. But that will change if you happen to own a Nest device because in a tweet by Google, they have announced an update that will introduce improved presence sensing on its Nest speakers and displays.

Basically what this means is that this will allow your Nest speakers or displays to detect your presence either via voice or touch. Right now, smart speakers and displays activate when the user issues a voice command, but by building in presence detection, it will allow these devices to sense when you’re there and act accordingly.

For example, if you were to walk into your home, your smart speaker or display could detect your voice and know that you’re home, and will then be able to automate certain actions like maybe just the thermostat to make it hotter or colder (depending on the season).

In some instances, it will actually rely on Google’s Soli radar-sensing technology and sensor for presence detection, but since not all of Google’s Nest devices have it, presence sensing will work differently from device to device. Google has more information on its website if you’d like to learn more about how each Nest device might be able to detect your presence.

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