Sep 20th, 2022

Emoji were revolutionized by a previous upgrade to Telegram that included an open space for making unique animated emoji. With endless replies and emoji statuses, this update allows you even more opportunities to communicate how you’re feeling with these new emoji.

Users of Telegram Premium get access to a limitless number of unique emoji replies. They may now attach up to three replies to each message, making it easier to select from among the many emoji.

Source: Telegram

To instantly tell everyone how they feel or what they’ve been up to, Premium members may add a dynamic emoji that is shown by their name as of right now. In the chat list, on your profile, and in groups, this unique status replaces your Premium Premium Badge.

You may select from an endless number of unique emoji or one of the seven pre-defined statuses, which change color to match various Telegram themes. The top of the page will include the most popular choices for working, sleeping, travelling, and more.

Telegram also gets some quality of life improvements in this update too. Users who often log out and back in may now get login codes by email, by signing in with Apple or Google, or by using their email address.

With a redesigned UI and engaging emojis that are already known to Android customers, signing up for or logging into Telegram for iOS is now much simpler.

Since every @username on Telegram has a unique link, sharing your public profile, group, or channel across the internet is simple.

For individuals who wish to highlight their name, a new distinctive link type called is now available for every username.

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