Sep 13th, 2022

From time to time, our gadgets can run into issues where they do things they’re not supposed to, or not do things that they’re supposed to. There are a variety of reasons why this can happen and there might be a multitude of potential fixes and what not, but sometimes a reset might be necessary.

If you happen to own an Amazon Echo device with Alexa and you run into issues and need to reset it, or maybe you are planning on selling it off or giving it away to someone and you want to get it back to its factory settings, it’s actually really easy and here’s what you need to know.

Reset Echo using Alexa app

  1. Launch the Amazon Alexa app (download for iOS or Android if you haven’t done so already).
  2. At the bottom of the app, tap on “Devices”
  3. Tap on “All Devices”
  4. Tap on the device you want to reset
  5. Tap the cog wheel icon at the top right corner of the app
  6. Scroll down to the “Registered To” section and tap “Deregister”
  7. Confirm your selection

Your Alexa device will be deregistered from your Amazon account and it will be reset. Repeat the steps above if there are additional Alexa devices that you want to reset.

Reset Echo from the web

If for whatever reason you do not have the Alexa app installed on your phone or maybe you just want an alternative method of resetting your Echo device, you can actually do it via the web.

  1. Go to Amazon’s Alexa website on your computer
  2. Sign into your Amazon account if you haven’t done so already
  3. From the left sidebar, click on “Settings”
  4. Under devices, click on the Alexa device you want to reset
  5. Under the About section, click the “Deregister” button
  6. Click “Deregister” again when prompted to confirm

Similar to the app method above, once you confirm the deregistration, your Alexa device will now be removed from your Amazon account and it will be reset. Take note that once a device has been deregistered and reset, you’ll need to add it back again if you want to keep using it.

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