Sep 12th, 2022

There are many Chromebooks in the market today, but we’re sure that there are some who prefer Google’s Pixelbooks, like how some Android users might prefer using a Pixel phone over another manufacturer’s phone.

Unfortunately for Pixelbook fans, it looks like we might not be seeing anymore Pixelbooks in the future. This is according to a report from The Verge where they claim to have heard from their sources that Google’s plans for the next Pixelbook have been cancelled and that the team behind it have since been transferred to other departments within the company.

The last time we saw Google launch a Pixelbook was back in 2019, meaning that it is about 3 years old and definitely due for a refresh. Apparently Google was planning to announce a new Pixelbook at its I/O event earlier this year, but that clearly did not happen and now it looks like we might never see a new version.

In response to The Verge’s article, Laura Breen, a communications manager at Google issued a statement which reads:

“Google doesn’t share future product plans or personnel information; however, we are committed to building and supporting a portfolio of Google products that are innovative and helpful for our users. In regards to our people, in times where we do shift priorities we work to transition team members across devices and services.”

Google’s decision doesn’t mean that Chrome OS is dead, but rather if you wanted a first-party Chromebook laptop, you’d be out of luck and you might be better off looking at the alternatives made by Google’s OEM partners.

Source: The Verge

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