Google Commemorates the Queen’s Passing


American tech giant Google joined several other major industry players such as Apple and Samsung today in paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, after her death was announced yesterday, September 8. In an act of observance, the usually-lively colors of the main Google search page have instead been replaced by a simpler muted grey, accompanied by a black ribbon overlaying a plain background.

Likewise, Google UK has called off its 9/9 product sale out of respect, and an image of the Queen is now displayed on the main storefront. As mentioned, several other smartphone and tech brands including Apple and Samsung have likewise updated their respective homepages with an image of Queen Elizabeth II, who was the United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch for more than 70 years.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also expressed his sentiments through a post on his official social media account, joining other tech personalities like Bill Gates and Tim Cook in sending their condolences to the Queen’s family and the UK. As per his statement, 

“Sending our deepest condolences to the people of the UK and around the world mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Her steadfast leadership and public service have been a constant through many of our lifetimes. She will be missed.”

The Queen is to be succeeded by her son, Prince Charles. She was 96.

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