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Ring’s latest smart home gadget makes your intercom system smarter


Ring is probably best known for their video doorbells which lets users see who’s at the door even if they aren’t home. Now it looks like Ring is expanding on that with its latest product announced at IFA 2022, the Ring Intercom which makes existing home intercom systems even smarter.

For those unfamiliar, an intercom system can usually be found in apartments and it lets visitors call the person whose house they want to enter to let them know they are there. With the Ring Intercom, one of the selling points is the fact that users will not require any major rewiring or replacing of the current system. Instead, it can be retrofitted with current intercom systems, allowing users to get it up and running in little to no time.

Also, somewhat uncharacteristically of Ring, the Ring Intercom is audio only and there is no video feature, but presumably this is largely because of how it relies on an existing intercom system which for the most part doesn’t have video functionality to begin with.

One of the benefits of the Ring Intercom system is that it is smart, meaning that users will actually be able to control it remotely. So if you’re not home yet and someone buzzes your intercom, you’ll be able to answer and speak to that person from your phone and even let them in.

It will also work with Amazon delivery drivers, allowing them temporary access to your home to drop off packages if you’re not home or don’t have time to answer. The Ring Intercom system will be launching in the UK and Germany first for £119.99, with pre-orders kicking off on the 28th of September.

It will eventually make its way to other markets like France, Spain, Italy, and the US in 2023.

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