Aug 24th, 2022

The concept of picture-in-picture mode on TVs isn’t exactly new, but for those who are subscribed to YouTube TV, a report from Protocol has revealed that in an upcoming update to the app, users will soon be able to watch as many as four channels at the same time.

This feature is reportedly called Mosaic Mode and apparently was announced during a presentation to Android TV hardware manufacturers about Google’s plans for Google TV. While it sounds like it might be a feature exclusive to Android TV devices, the report from Protocol suggests that it could also make its way onto non-Android smart TVs as well, so all users will be able to take advantage of this.

The presentation had also reportedly revealed Google’s plans to bring YouTube Shorts onto TVs as well, which we had previously reported. This will give Google a huge advantage over TikTok because as we had mentioned before, YouTube comes preinstalled on pretty much all smart TVs these days, whereas TikTok has to be downloaded separately.

The report does not mention when these changes to YouTube or YouTube TV will be coming, but this is still good news for YouTube TV subscribers who might be able to appreciate being able to watch four channels at once.

Source: Protocol

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