Huawei Mate 50 series will be announced next month


For a while, Huawei and Leica have been working together on the cameras for Huawei’s smartphones, but as you might have heard, a few months ago, Huawei and Leica officially ended their partnership. Now it looks like Huawei has confirmed that next month, they will be launching their next smartphone, the Huawei Mate 50 series, which marks it as the first Huawei phone in a long time not to have the Leica branding on it.

At this point in time, not much is known about the Mate 50 series. As Huawei still has its legal issues with the US government, it means that the company is still locked out from accessing various US technologies, which includes Qualcomm’s mobile chipsets and its 5G modems.

This means that whichever chipset that the Mate 50 will be launching with, there is a good chance that the phones will not support 5G connectivity. It might also end up using a variant of the Snapdragon chipsets that do not come with a 5G modem, which we imagine will no doubt cause it to lose a bit of its appeal.

The Huawei Mate 50 series will be officially launched on the 6th of Septembe, so we expect we will know more then. As for availability, according to Android Authority, the phones will be launching in China first, but Huawei has told the publication that they do plan to eventually bring it to other international markets later (but it will most probably skip the US).

Source: Android Authority

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