YouTube could soon be a one-stop shop for subscription services


There are many streaming services available right now, and sometimes it might be hard to know what’s available since they all have their own apps and websites, but that’s something that Google wants to change where according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (paywall), the company is looking to give YouTube its own channel store.

What this means is that while you browse YouTube for videos, there will be a section on the platform where you can find various streaming services and subscribe to them directly from YouTube itself. Instead of looking for the various websites and/or apps, this will make it easier for users.

Google wouldn’t be the first to attempt this. Other companies like Amazon, Apple, and Roku already have similar storefronts where users can sign up for streaming services within the platform itself. The report claims that Google has been working on this for the past 18 months and that it could debut as soon as this fall.

In a way, launching it on YouTube makes sense. This is because YouTube is more or less the default platform when it comes to streaming videos, and many streaming companies like Netflix use YouTube to showcase upcoming shows and movies via trailers, so for users to be able to subscribe to the service after watching a trailer without leaving YouTube would be beneficial for both Google and the streaming service.

Of course, we imagine that Google will probably want a cut from signups, similar to how they take a cut from in-app purchases made via the Play Store, so it will be interesting to see who might be willing to team up with Google on this.

Source: Android Authority

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