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There have been a lot of features added to Spotify in the last few weeks, from Blends to Friend Mixes. Spotify is constantly iterating on itself. It’s the latest feature, uniquely for Android users at the moment, is an adjustment to your home page. 

It won’t completely replace your current home feed or experience, it will just prioritise new content at the top of your homepage. New music from your favourite artists? It will be in your Home tab. A new episode of your favourite podcast? It will also be in your new home tab. 

This is in an effort to streamline the process of taking time to go through different menus in order to find what listeners are looking for. The process will be customized for each individual user based on what content they consume. So, podcast listeners can expect more recommendations or information on their favourite podcasts through this new interface. While music bingers will have the opposite, with tailored recommendations made for them by the platform. 

Source: Spotify

While it is unclear when iOS users will receive this feature, it does mean that Android users will be the first people in line to get this new experience out of the gate.

What do you think of Spotify’s latest feature? Is it one that you think you will use regularly, or is it something that will just pass under your radar? What features would you like to see in the future? Personally, my wish list is for there to be an ultra-premium subscription for those who want to listen to FLAC files. A lot of phones would support FLAC files out of the gate and it seems like an oversight that we could be using the DACs on our phones more efficiently and it’s not a service that is offered except through Tidal.

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