Samsung is giving NFTs to customers who pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4

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It seems that Samsung is really hoping to drive as many customers to its upcoming foldables. In an announcement over in Korea, the company has revealed that they have reached an MOU with several local companies in which they will be giving New Galaxy NFTs to customers who pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4.

If you recall, this was actually one of the pre-order bonuses afforded to customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S22 phones and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets earlier this year, so it looks like the same treatment will be given to the company’s Fold 4 and Flip 4 customers. As to what this NFT will be used for, according to Samsung (machine translated):

“Samsung Electronics plans to provide practical benefits such as discounts and savings when customers who own ‘New Galaxy NFT’ authenticate ‘New Galaxy NFT’ at digital plaza, Shilla Duty Free, e-cruise, and Show Golf.”

Basically this NFT will act like some kind of discount card unique to customers that will let them claim discounts at participating locations. It actually sounds quite useful compared to how NFTs are currently being used, which are mostly used as a tool for speculative investments.

That being said, this offer appears to only be available in South Korea and we’re not sure if there are plans to bring it to other parts of the world. The good news is that if you’re not a fan of NFTs, the company is offering $200 in Samsung Credit to customers who reserve either handset right now.

Source: SamMobile

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