Meet the Retroid Pocket 3, an Android-Powered Handheld Console


Known for its budget-friendly Android handhelds, Retroid has finally taken the wraps off its latest portable gaming device, the Retroid Pocket 3. The device comes with a starting price of $119 and is currently available for pre-order, and comes with some decidedly budget-friendly specs as well.

In terms of design, the Retroid Pocket 3’s outer shell bears a strong resemblance to the Nintendo Switch Lite, and this houses your usual array of handheld controls which includes a D-Pad, action buttons, two analogue sticks, volume controls, a power button, as well as shoulder buttons. There’s also a rather miniscule 4.7 inch touchscreen display with a 1334 x 750 resolution, a 60 Hz refresh rate (no 120Hz rates here), with support for up to 450 nits brightness.

Inside the handheld is a Unisoc T310 chipset with a choice of either 2 or 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage with support for micro-SD card expansion. There’s also a USB-C charging port, 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as Bluetooth and WIFI compatibility.

Going back to the design, the outer shell is available in several color variants, which include black, indigo, white, and orange. It will also come in retro-styled design versions.

As for software, the device runs on Android 11, with support for classic console emulation in addition to mobile game titles, as well as Android-supported streaming apps. It would have been nice to see Android 12 on the Pocket 3, but the low price does come with some trade-offs.


Mike Viray
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