Aug 6th, 2022

Smartphone camera improvements have eliminated the need for carrying a dedicated video recorder to shoot a video. One can now record a video anytime and anywhere with just one tap and that too in resolutions as high as 4K. Shooting in high resolution also means video files that are huge which can be an issue for storage and sharing purposes, especially the latter. This is where video compression comes into the picture.

You can choose to compress a video to make it smaller in size and share it quickly. It will also help you save valuable data if you are sharing through a cellular data plan. Google Play Store offers a number of options for video compressor apps but not all of them are good at it. This is why we have shortlisted an app that will help you compress videos on Android with ease.

Compress Videos on Android:

  1. Launch the Video Compressor app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Compress Video banner followed by the Select video option.
  3. Grant storage access app permission to proceed.
  4. Choose the video file and tap the Compress button. If you have a lot of video files, you can quickly access large files by switching to the Large tab.
  5. Select your preferred compression settings like encoder type, video format, file size, and video resolution.
  6. Tap the Compress button and enter the file name.
  7. Tap Start to begin the compression process and wait until it is completed.

The actual time duration for the compression completion will vary depending on the video file. Once the file is compressed, you can choose to save it to your phone’s gallery app. It can also be shared with others through your preferred method.