Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be available in 71 color variations


When the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition was launched, there were 49 different color combinations that users could choose from. It turns out that for the Flip 4, Samsung will be increasing the number of variations. This is according to a listing on Samsung UK’s insurance website where it was revealed that the Flip 4 would be offered in 71 color combos.

Keep in mind that this is for the Bespoke Edition. The website also revealed the official colors for the normal Flip 4 to be Blue, Bora Purple, Graphite, and Pink Gold, so if you want something a little unique and different, the Bespoke Edition is the one that you should be going for.

It was previously revealed in an exclusive report from SamMobile that the Bespoke Edition could be offered in around 1,000 different combinations, but it seems that this new discovery suggests that it won’t be that extreme. That being said, 71 different combinations is still pretty good and an easy way for users to create a color combo that will be more unique to them than the regular Flip 4 models.

Samsung will be officially announcing the Flip 4 alongside the Fold 4 on the 10th of August at the Unpacked 2022 event. The company is also taking reservations right now where if you reserve a unit, you’ll be able to get $200 in Samsung Credit that’s sort of like a discount that you can use towards accessories or other Samsung products.

Source: SamMobile

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