Google just killed a nifty search feature


Google Search does a lot of things. You can use it to quickly define words, translate, make currency and unit conversions, and so on. In the past, in case you didn’t know, one of the nifty features of search was that you could create a timer/stopwatch on the fly, which is pretty useful.

We say “in the past” because according to a report from the Deccan Herald, it appears that Google might have retired the feature. This is according to various user reports online where they are claiming that when they type in “online timer” or “stopwatch”, the function is no longer available.

For those unfamiliar, it used to be that when you typed in “online timer” or “stopwatch” in Google Search, a little widget would appear at the top of the page. Now when you type in those search terms, you are instead given a list of websites that would offer up similar functionality.

This means that users who need to create a timer on the spot will need to use a different application or website. While not the biggest deal in the world, it was one of those quality of life features that made things easier, especially if your browser was already open. It is unclear why Google removed the feature, but we’re sure that it will be missed.

Source: Android Police

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