CZUR’s Shine Ultra scanner makes it easy to digitize all your documents


As we move into the digital age, a lot of documents are now becoming digital-only. We’re talking about things that used to be printed on paper, such as utility bills, bills for your cable TV subscription, your newspaper subscription, invoices for purchases, and so on.

All of that has mostly gone digital, which is great because it cuts down on the need for paper, which is good for the environment, plus digital documents don’t take up any physical space in our homes. Eventually, the day will come when we won’t even need to keep binders and folders filled with printouts of receipts.

That being said, we’re sure that many of us still have a ton of paper lying around the home from older documents. Some of these older documents are too important to be thrown away, but it’s good to have a digital copy just in case.

Of course, you could always buy a scanner to digitize them, but most consumer-grade scanners can be slow, which is why if you’re looking for an efficient way of digitizing all your old documents or even books, the CZURShineUltra series of scanners might be worth taking a look at.

Fast and portable scanning

As we said, consumer-grade scanners can be rather slow and if you have a lot of documents, this can take hours, days, or even weeks to scan everything. With the Shine Ultra series of scanners, CZUR claims that scanning can be done in as little as one second. This means that the time spent scanning documents or books will be considerably shortened.

Plus, CZUR has designed the Shine Ultra scanners to be portable. This means that instead of walking back and forth to the scanner, you can take the scanner to the documents or books that need to be scanned. Saving you the trip of lugging around documents or making trips back and forth to the scanner is also another great way of saving time, making the scanning process a lot more seamless and efficient.

In addition to being portable, CZUR has also designed its scanners to be height adjustable. Given that documents don’t always come in A4 sizes, maybe you’re trying to scan a photograph or a smaller receipt, or even a larger document that’s bigger than A4, the Shine Ultra series has an adjustable stand where users can make changes to the height of the scanner.

If the document is bigger, you can raise the height so that it can capture the document in its entirety. The arm is also foldable so that it’s easier to tuck it away when it’s no longer in use. According to CZUR, the Shine Ultra will support document sizes ranging from A4 to A3, and the built-in lights also ensure that the document you’re trying to scan is properly illuminated so that the text and images are clear in the final scan.

High-resolution scanning

Now, what good is a scanner if it is unable to capture the details of the scanned document? For the most part, consumer-grade scanners do a decent job if you just need a digitized copy of a receipt, invoice, or other types of documentation, but maybe they aren’t necessarily the best when it comes to scanning things like books.

With the Shine Ultra series, CZUR offers two different resolutions depending on the model. The base Shine Ultra unit is capable of scanning 13MP resolutions, meaning your documents will have a max resolution of 4160×3120. The Shine Ultra Pro on the other hand offers a higher 24MP sensor which is capable of scanning resolutions of up to 5696×4272, perfect for larger A3 documents where a higher resolution will allow for less loss in the details if you need to zoom or crop.

Software features

In addition to being able to scan documents quickly and at high resolutions, the Shine Ultra series is more than just a scanner. It is also smart enough that it is able to detect things like the curve in books, magazines, or comics. Usually, with regular scanners, it copies whatever it sees, including the curves you might get from an open book or magazine.

This can be annoying and distracting if you’re trying to digitize it for reading on a tablet or PC, but CZUR’s Shine Ultra scanners can detect these curves and flattens during post-production so it’s less work for the user.

CZUR’s scanning software also features support for OCR. This means that not only does it scan documents, but it can also detect words and can recognize more than 180 languages. By being able to detect text, users can then save their scans in other formats other than just image files, like PDF files, Word files, spreadsheets, and more, so that users can later search their documents easily.

Last but not least, the Shine Ultras also come with a surprisingly useful feature, and that is its ability to double up as a presentation tool. By utilizing the cameras used to scan, users can also use the Shine Ultra scanners to make presentations by placing documents on it, kind of like how overhead projectors were used back in the day.

Affordable pricing

If you’re worried that a feature-rich document scanner like the CZUR Shine Ultra series will be too expensive, you might actually be pleased to learn that it is pretty affordable. The base Shine Ultra is priced at $199, while the Shine Ultra Pro will retail for $299.

While not everyone might see the need for a document scanner, the price does make it quite tempting, especially if you have a lot of things that you plan on digitizing. It’s also a good long-term investment because you never know when having quick digital access to your documents will come in handy, like if the IRS comes calling and you need to show your receipts.

Plus, the speed and resolution that the Shine Ultra offers do make it a more compelling device to own compared to other consumer-grade scanners you might find outside.

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