Jul 20th, 2022

Most music streaming services, such as Spotify, offer users a sleep timer feature. This basically means that after a set period of time, music will stop playing. This is great for users who want to stream music before they sleep but don’t want music to be playing non stop throughout the night.

The good news is that if YouTube Music is your streaming platform of choice, an APK teardown by the folks at 9to5Google has revealed that the company could be developing a sleep timer feature for its Android app. As the publication notes, given that Google Play Music had a similar feature before users were migrated to YouTube Music, it seems odd that YouTube Music did not come with a similar feature, but we suppose better late than never.

Image credit – 9to5Google

Keep in mind that since this is an APK teardown, it only reveals features that aren’t in the main app yet. APK teardowns are useful at discovering potentially new and upcoming features. These features don’t always make the cut as many companies often run various tests to see how it works and how users respond, and not all features necessarily end up being released.

But like we said, seeing as how sleep timers are kind of a basic/standard feature, we suppose it was really only a matter of time before it made its way to YouTube Music.

Source: 9to5Google

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