The Nothing Phone (1) has been leaked in black

Image credit - Roland Quandt/

At this point, we’re sure that many of us are already familiar with the design of the Nothing Phone (1). The phone’s design was unveiled in full at an event held in Switzerland earlier this month where it showed off the phone’s transparent back cover with a white finish under it.

It turns out that the phone could be offered in more than just a white finish. According to several images posted onto WinFuture by Roland Quandt, it looks like the Nothing Phone (1) will be offered in a black finish as well, and we have to say that the black version looks a lot better.

Image credit – Roland Quandt/

For those unfamiliar, the Nothing Phone (1) will come with a rather unique feature on the back where a series of LED lights are integrated into the phone. These lights aren’t just for show and are known as glyphs. These lights can be customized so that users can use it for various things like notifications, incoming calls, and so on, giving users an alternative way of interacting with their devices.

Right now the feature feels more like a novelty than anything, so we’ll probably have to get our hands on the phone to get a better idea. The phone will be revealed in its entirety on the 12th of July and based on recent rumors, could be priced starting at $400 and will be available for purchase via an invite-only system. The handset is also not expected to be available in the US at launch, but who knows, maybe it could launch stateside later on.

Source: WinFuture

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