EcoFlow’s Power Kits helps keep you powered up wherever you are


When it comes to staying powered while on the go, we’ve seen solutions like power stations. Those are essentially massive batteries that you can bring with you while on the move, or can be kept at home to act as a backup battery of sorts when the power goes out.

But if you were looking for something a bit more customizable and modular to better suit your needs, then you might want to take a look at the EcoFlow Power Kits. This essentially consists of two different modules – the EcoFlow Power Hub and the batteries that will provide power to the hubs.

The Power Hub will act as the central node for input and output, meaning that you don’t necessarily need to connect all your device to the batteries, so you could think of it as power outlets that can be moved around and placed wherever you want. If you are out camping or traveling around the country in an RV, this could come in handy.

It will also be able to support up to three LFP Batteries at once, meaning that it will be able to provide you with a ton of power whenever you need it. The batteries themselves can also be recharged using solar power, up to 4,800W of solar input that can fully charge a 15KWh battery in 3 hours.

The overall design also makes installation and setup a breeze, or so the company claims. It is also said to reduce the risk of potentially wiring it up incorrectly. If the EcoFlow Power Kits are something you think could be useful for your off-the-grid living, pre-sales of the kits are expected to go live on the 5th of July via EcoFlow’s website.

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