Google’s next Nest WiFi could see the return of the unified design


Back in 2016, Google launched its Google WiFi mesh router system. It was a unified design that combined the base router with mesh points, thus reducing the amount of hardware needed. Then Google later introduced the Nest WiFi which introduced additional hardware but added smart speaker functionality.

Both has its pros and cons, but if you preferred the unified design, then you’re in luck because according to 9to5Google, they have heard from a source that Google could be bringing back the unified design for the next-gen Nest WiFi device, but whether or not it will continue to offer smart speaker functionality remains unclear.

The upgraded device is also expected to come with support for WiFi 6, something that the original Google WiFi and Nest WiFi did not come with. Given that a lot of modern day smartphones support WiFi 6 and with the faster theoretical speeds that WiFi 6 offers, it could make the next-gen Nest WiFi mesh router system a lot more attractive and compelling.

There is no word on when Google will announce a new Nest WiFi, but as 9to5Google points out, Google usually announces new hardware towards the later half of the year, so maybe the new Nest WiFi could be announced alongside the Pixel 7 handsets later this year.

Source: 9to5Google

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